Simplified PLC management and automated updates of PLCs


If you want to know how to ensure single source of truth for your PLC code and deploy updates to hundreds of PLCs in minutes, this webinar is for you!

In this webinar we discuss how to do a direct deploy of a PLC program with a single click and how to automate it across hundreds of PLCs. We demonstrate how to manage all your PLCs in one web application and ensure fine-grained permission management.


  • Intro to SDA: Turning factories into software systems
  • SDA console demo: easy-to-use interface to manage and update your assets
  • How to set up new gateways
  • Deploy PLC program across hundreds of PLCs with the Direct Deploy
  • Deployment history: Full traceability of previous deployments
  • User Permission management: adding new users and permissions


Philipp Röll

Philipp Röll

Product Manager

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