Control remote access to PLCs and increase shop floor security


Concerned about untrusted programming devices getting remote access to PLCs?

Existing remote access solutions are challenging to control by manufacturers. They need to identify if the device connecting to their OT network is trustworthy. It is common practice that manual air gap switches are used to grant remote access temporarily. However, relying entirely on this mechanism is error-prone and does not solve the core of the problem.

SDA offers a platform that allows for secure and controlled access to PLCs, with a comprehensive user management system that enables you to configure access rights and temporary access. In combination with IDE-as-a-Service it is no longer needed to connect any external device to the OT network. 

Join the webinar to learn how engineering departments can increase their security standards and gain transparency on remote shop floor access.


  • How to increase shop-floor security with fine-grained user management capabilities?
  • How to overcome the shortcomings of traditional VPN solutions?
  • PLC Management and Code Development Platform. All your PLCs in one place, across multiple vendors



Philipp Röll

Philipp Röll

Product Manager

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